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Installing Heavy Duty Door Hinges

Heavy-Duty Hinges: Everything You Need to Know About Installation and Maintenance

Heavy-duty door hinges are designed for large or heavy doors and gates guiding industrial and commercial facilities. These hinges differ from standard hinges in terms of their construction, weight-bearing capacity, and more. However, proper installation of these hinges is essential to ensure their longevity, safety, and security. This post offers tips on the installation instructions of our heavy-duty door hinges.

Things to Consider Before the Installation of Heavy-Duty Hinges

There are several things to consider before installing hinges on the doors. The following pointers will help ease these considerations.

  • Buying the Right Heavy-Duty Door Hinges: There are various types of heavy-duty hinges for your consideration. For instance, you can choose from butt hinges, mortise hinges and surface mount hinges, strap hinges, barrel hinges, pivot hinges, and others. These hinges are designed for different purposes and may not be suited for all applications. For instance, a heavy-duty barrel hinges may not be the best choice if your application requires a minimum gap for radiation shielding. Hence, addressing your application requirements is the priority while buying these hinges. Additionally, you must focus on selecting the proper Model for weight capacity and material type for the best fit.
  • Wear Safety Gear: You must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during the installation. Gloves and safety glasses are two popular PPE used for the purpose.
  • Gather the Materials Required for Installation: In addition to the hinges, you must gather hardware required for the installation such as level, drill and appropriate drill bit and tap or welding machine, etc.

Installation Guide for Heavy-Duty Hinges

Although hinge installation may seem simple but for most installations it would be best to use a certified rigger or experienced contractor. It is very important to recognize that the door is very heavy and dangerous to install. The following procedures must be followed for installer and operator safety.

  1. A minimum of 2 hinges (1 pair) are used per door.
  2. Door weight or thrust load shall not exceed the thrust capacity of one hinge.
  3. Ensure proper radial loading is not exceeded.
  4. For bolt-on applications - Minimum thread engagement into the reinforcing member shall be equal to or larger than the bolt diameter.
  5. For weld-on applications, the minimum fillet weld size shall be as shown below and be full length on three sides of each leaf:
    • 1/4" Fillet weld on 2500, 2875 and 2100
    • 1/2" Fillet weld on 2125, 2150 and 2200
    • 3/4" Fillet weld on 2250
    • 1 1/4" Fillet weld on 3000
  6. Temperature at the hinge barrel shall not exceed 200 degrees F (120 C) during the welding process.
  7. The hinges are installed without binding of the hinges.
  8. Adequate load distribution between hinges is necessary to obtain the longest hinge life and highest safety level.
  9. Maximum height adjustment is 1/8".

Maintenance Tips for Heavy-Duty Hinges

Although designed for challenging outdoor environments and low maintenance, please perform regular inspections of the hinges to check for any signs of damage or loose screws. High-traffic doors may require more frequent inspections.

    Schedule annual or bi-annual maintenance checks for heavy-duty security doors and get them done by professionals because they are prompt at identifying complex issues.

The above-discussed installation and maintenance tips help you ensure the safety and reliability of your heavy-duty hinges in commercial and industrial facilities. Along with these tips, choosing high-quality heavy-duty hinges for your doors is equally important. If you live in the UK and require heavy-duty hinges, you can count on the Kiesler Machine. We are one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty hinges in the UK, and our experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and offer the best solution for your needs.

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